Made in His Image

YOU Have More Power than You Think You Have!


YOU are Wonderfully Made!

We’ve all heard that we are made in the image and likeness of God, but what does that truly mean?  

Are you curious about some aspects of science but it seems to conflict with your faith?  

In this work I will help you to answer important questions. I will bridge the gap between science and faith.  

Watch me use scripture references in a whole new light.  

I will exfoliate the Word to give you a deeper and more personable understanding, such that the Holy Spirit has given unto me.  

I will explain to you why every part of you is according to His perfect design.  From this, you will understand YOU.

You will understand your power and you will learn how to tap into your inner strength.  

With this deeper understanding of you, your strength, your purpose, the grips of depression, fear, anxiety will have to set you free!

You will find your joy again.  

You will experience peace.

So get on your Mark (11:24), and let’s go!

Welcome peace.  Welcome joy!


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